Sunday, February 9, 2014

Ellyne's Stock The Kitchen Bridal Shower

It has been a really long time since I have posted because I have been very ill but this post is not about my disease but instead to share the Bridal Shower I did for one of my closest friends here in Norway Ellyne! The theme was Stock the Kitchen mixed with 50's housewife.... I loved even dressing the part. We have soooo many pictures but I will just share a couple of my favorites.

Here are some of the decorations. Both I and another friend did the decorations. Mei created the awesome decorations on the ceiling.

I  decorated the tables creating a couple centerpieces out of vintage kitchen utensils and appliances. I purchased loose flowers and made a bouquet in both the vintage mixer and colinder. 

I also made a chalk board out of an old barn window and wrote all the important dates that makeup Ellyne and Bjørn's (groom) love story.

We started the party with two games. Here is the glowing bride dressed for the Apron Guessing game. Ellyne greeted all the guest wearing the apron covered in kitchen utensils. After everyone was settled in their seats we took off the apron and passed out the Apron Game paper. The ladies had a blast trying to remember all the utensils. The second game we played was Spice It Up where we put common cooking spices in unmarked jars and the ladies had to guess what each of the spices were.

Then it was time to eat. Food was made by another one of Ellyne's friends Louiebeth who is a very talented cook.


After eating a visiting we played two more games. The first was He Said She Said. The night before the shower I asked the bride and groom several questions about their relationship, plans for the future, and  likes and dislikes. I then chose 14 quotes from Ellyne's and Bjørn's (groom) answes. I put the quotes on a printable He Said She said worksheet. I printed out mustaches and lips and attached them to sticks. As I read out the quotes the guests guessed who said it by holding up a mustache or lips. 

Our last game was Toilet Paper Bride. I have seen this played many ways we played it by dividing up in groups and dressing the bride in toilet paper. One group designed the dress, another the veil, another flowers and another jewelry. When we were done everyone sat back in their seats and I told them to look under their chairs. Under on chair I had put a mask with the grooms face. My daughter found the mask so she put it on and stood next to the bride.  We all had a great time adorning the mask and laughing. At the end of the shower the groom came home and the bride put on the mask and took a picture with him. Scary! Haha

When I sent out the invitations I included a recipe card and asked each guest to share one of their favorite recipes. Ellyne got recipes from all over the world and can't wait to try them out. She was also blessed with some wonderful gifts for the kitchen. For my present I created a dish towel cake. For each tier I used toilet paper in the center and then wrapped them with dish towels.  The middle teir also had a double kitchen mitt. I used straight pins to hold it all together as well as to attach some of the kitchen utensils. I really liked how it came out. 

Each guest was also given a fun favor when they left... silver heart measuring spoons that were tied with a bow and had a 50's housewife tag. Ellyne had a wonderful and it was so fun. I think everyone took away memories that won't be soon forgotten. 

Most of my ideas came from Pinterest and then I made them my own. I also created 3 printable worksheets for the games The Apron Guessing Game, Spice It Up and He Said She Said. If you would like a copy of the file to download and make your own just comment with your email and I  can send them to you. 


  1. Your shower looks GREAT. If you could send me the download for the apron game I would appreciate it.

    Take Care,
    Michele Coleman

  2. Oh Nicole! I am so sorry to hear that you are unwell :( I am only just getting back into scrapping (well, mostly blog hopping and pinterest-ing) now that I have on the whole recovered from my own illness and am able to use scissors again! I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers, take care x

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