Monday, November 22, 2010

Dollies Challenge

So I liked this challenge so much that I did it even though it wasnt my assigned challenge for this week... This is for the elements challenge and you are asked to use beads, brads and keep it simple.  Simple isnt in my vocab... actually I really tried but I kept coming back over a span of three days and adding stuff... I still think I should add some paint.  I dont know this is just one of those layouts.... If you would like to give the challenge a try head over to Design Dollies!!!!
You might not be able to tell because once again it isnt the greatest picture but I beaded around the whole edge of the layout.... Used rhinestone brads on the side of picture with the buttons and plastic roses.  I also sewed little tiny banners with the yellow alphabet... (very hard to tell)  They are really cute on the original.

I was very inspired by the Paper Tree House challenge Kingdom of God.... Seeing sights like the Northern Lights puts you in awe of what God created.  It is amazing and so special... it's like God Painting a picture.  The Kingdom of God is right here and we are part of it... you can see Him in the beautiful world he created or in the birth of a new baby... and even in the hard times those little miracles are there if you are looking.  


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