Saturday, October 6, 2012

World Card Making Day

Every year the first Saturday of October is World Card Making Day.  The holiday was created to kick off the holiday- card making season.  So how many of you make cards for the holidays?  Well even if you have never tried there is no better time to create and share handmade greetings.

I thought why not share some fun cards with you today...

For more information about World Cardmaking Day you can visit

Did you know there is a big World Cardmaking Day Contest that you can enter?  You can find the details here You have until October 15th to have your cards postmarked...
Would you love to win this? I know I would!
I would love to see any cards that you created today just comment with a link and I will stop by and see them!  

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

SEM challenges

Hello everyone!

I have two layouts to share because last month I didnt post the layout I did for Scrapping Everyday Miracles about my brother.  I know it was really bad of me since I am suppose to lead by example but these things happen.  First I will share the SEM challenge for October and the craziest story that became the theme of my layout.  After that I will share the layout about Nathan my brother and why I chose him to do a layout about.

This months challenge over at SEM was posted by me and here it is

For this month's Main Challenge I want us to be inspired by the Fall season and to look for those everyday miracles around us at this time of year. There is so much happening around us the weather is changing, school has started back up, new jobs, new friends... all kinds of blessings.  I want to challenge you to really look for a special moment from the fall season.... maybe something that you could have overlooked or taken for granted.
Scrap Twist: This challenge I would like if you could use PAINT on your layout!  I know you might be afraid that you will mess it up but that is part of the charm of using paint on your layout!  Have fun and get creative!

when I first created the challenge I was thinking that I would do one of the cute fall pictures I take of my daughter each year but no instead we had quite the blessing and miracle that I just had to scrap about.  Here is the layout...

I have wanted another vintage VW since moving to Norway... my husband kept promising and promising... I found this car and we thought okay that might be a possiblity.  We were down in Oslo adn thought we could take the train to Trondheim... have my husband jump off the train around Roros and then drive the car up to Trondheim and meet us there.  It should only be about a 1 to 2 hour drive.  Then from Trondheim we could take the overnight ferry and get the car home. The previous owner knowing that we were going to have to drive it decided to spend 2500 kr ($450) and have the car tuned up and parts replaced so that it could drive a long distance.  So Lars got off the train bought the car and met us in Trondheim... we then found out that we couldnt get on the ferry... so we had no choice but to drive it from Trondheim to Bodo where we live!  In total the drive was just about 900km from where he picked up the car to Bodo... We had to drive it up mountains and hills, forests, a cross the Arctic Circle, on very small bad roads but in the end after 4 days we made it.  It was a miracle!  We decided to be safe and didnt drive after sundown so we ended up staying in Trondheim, Stiklestad and Mosjoen.  We only had on small hiccup along the way... rust in the gas tank... it would clog the fuel filter and we would have to change it once a day... but really it didnt cause us much delay and things could have been soooo much worse....  It was really fun driving and seeing how fall had come to Norway the colors were amazing!  I think all the passengers enjoyed themselves (it wasnt just my husband and I but also our 4 year old daughter and our 17 year old exchange student)!  In the words of my daughter, "I love this adventure!"

Make sure you check out the whole challenge over at Scrapping Everyday Miracles.... and have scrapping your own fall miracle!

Next I have my layout from last months challenge at SEM... that challenge is over now but I still wanted to share it!  The challenge was to scrap about a special boy or man in your life... I automatically thought to scrap about my husband but then when I really thought about it... I decided that I dont often scrap about my brother.  He is the typical or maybe not SO typical little brother... he has made it his life mission to bug me!  As much as he makes me want to pull my hair out... (dont let the kind face deceive you) he has so many great things about him.  Growing up he often brought laughter in when times were hard.  The annoying things he did like take apart my bike so he could use it for parts on his bike have now become  memories that just make me smile!  He lives back in California with the rest of my family so I dont get to see him very much... we dont talk on the phone hardly ever but that doesnt mean I dont miss him and love him!  Nathan has a big heart for his family and I know it!  I also know that when things get hard he will step up and be there for us... He will always be my little brother!

Friday, September 28, 2012

SEM - A New Chapter Blog Hop

Hi everyone!  Hope you are enjoying the hop and getting to know the new design team!!!!  I really like the theme of this blog hop but like with many of the challenges at SEM  I start thinking so deep and trying to come up with a really meaningful moving project.  But then it just hit me like a ton of bricks... these every day miracles dont have to be serious or move mountains that is not what they are really about... it is the little things, the fun things that make you smile, that bright ray of sun light.  I realize I dont have to search hard to find these moments...  

So then I started thinking about the challenge again and realized I was looking for some big new chapter in my life but truly isnt each new day a new chapter or every time I meet a new friend or when my daughter learns something new?  Life is always changing no matter what!  Suddenly the challenge that seemed to think sound so hard became easy, fun and all kinds of moments and experiences started coming to mind!  I just became so aware of all the new chapters that God had and was giving to  me in my life and my family!

Here is a layout that I created from one of our visits to Disneyland where my daughter and niece posed with Minnie. I love Disneyland and as a kid looked forward to going each year with my family.... when I was in college I was so blessed to have a annual pass along with many of my friends that we used to go sometimes a couple times during the week.  The excitement of being there never wears off!  Each time I walk in I am just filled with excitement.  Now that I have my own family  I get to give my daughter that gift of excitement of being at this special place... it is now her turn to see her dreams come true as she meets Mickey, Minnie and all her favorite princesses.  It is a new Disney chapter and one that I feel so blessed to be able to share with her and my nieces!
So now you have a chance to create your own New Chapter project just make sure you link it up on SEM by October 5th, 11:59 PDT!

Of course we have prizes... 


How would you like to win a $20 Gift Certificate to Cheery Lynn Designs... all you have to do is comment on my blog.  I will choose one random winner that will be announced with all the other Blog Hop winners on October 6th.

Grand Prize

There are two ways to enter to win the Grand Prize
1.  You can comment on all the blogs on the blog hop and then let us know you did that by commenting on the SEM blog by Sunday September 30th 11:59pm PDT
2. You can create a New Chapter project and link it up to the SEM blog by Wednesday October 3rd 11:59pm PDT

Our Grand Prize is a gift pack from 
  In addition, Art Freckles is offering 15% discount to our blog hoppers on all purchases made between Sept. 28th and Oct. 5th.  The coupon code is 'SEMHOP'.  Please note however, that they are currently only shipping to Canada and the United States but have graciously offered to send international if the buyer is willing to pay the international shipping.

Here is the line up so next you will hopping to Sherri's blog!

  Tracey G 

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Scrapping Everyday Miracles Challenge #19

I am excited to share the main challenge and my layout for August from Scrapping Everyday Miracles with you.  First here is the challenge

So this month the challenge is to create a layout about one of your favorite vacations

A vacation is a time when we can be free from the responsibility of work, duty or activity. Vacations can be one of the ways God blesses us with times of rest, relaxation, and refreshment.  To many of us the first thing that may come to mind is "family vacation"...but a vacation can take on many forms. It could mean a romantic getaway with your husband, a church retreat, a yearly camping trip, or a fun weekend of scrapbooking with friends. It could also be a child's summer vacation from school and a chance to capture (and scrap) all those fun summer memories at home. Whatever the "vacation", share with us why it was so special to you, and maybe even how God used it to "refresh" you!

SCRAP TWIST: You must use a stencil/mask on your layout. Don't have a stencil or mask? Create one of your own using cardstock and your punches!

Here is my layout...

This was just little mini cruise to Copenhagen for two nights... Here is the story about how God blessed my husband and I.... We were just so excited to finally get to go together.  a few months before this we tried to go but we were turned back and not allowed on the boat because I didnt have my passport with me.  See we were running late to the ariport to fly to Oslo and realized that I didnt have it with me.  We figured we would be okay since we were only going to Denmark and most Norwegians only travel with their drivers license and mine with me.  We were wrong!  We were both so sad when we couldnt go.  But as sad as that situation was God used it for good and it made this trip even more special!!! I have and always will love spending time with my husband... even if it was just a couple of days it is a very special time!

I included my ticket to our room on the layout and a little passport to remember the passport mishap...  I used a mask to spray the red lattice pattern... and then cut it out and glued it to the page for the scrap twist.

Eyelet Outlet Cards

Hi everyone I have two cards to share with you today....

This card was created using the new Gnome brads and the Lawn Mushroom brads as well as the Gnome ribbon and the Lawn Mushroom Ribbon...  These are brand new and just added to the store!!!!

Also brand new are these adorable deer brads... I can think of so many fun projects to use these brads on such as masculine layouts or even for the Christmas holiday... they are just so perfect...

Have a great day!  Don't forget to check out all of the new releases from the Eyelet Outlet by clicking here...

Monday, July 23, 2012

Purple Pumpkin giveaway!!!!

I love Purple Pumpkin and it is almost time for their birthday. They are bring back their lucky dips goodie bags... yeah! They have had some wonderful giveaways already but this has to be the best.  They are giving away $100 gift certificate... I would love to win!

Here is a link for you to join on the fun... you wont want to miss out!!!!!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Sketch challenge for SEM using Eyelet Outlet brads

Hello I am really excited to share this layout because I just love how it turned out... I created it for the Scrapping Everyday Miracles Sketch Challenge but I also used brads from the Eyelet Outlet
Here is the sketch you need to use for the challenge

And the Scrap Twist is to Use a computer-generated element on your layout (this could be your journaling, a digi-element from a digital scrapbooking kit, or just something fun you find online and print out to use).  I printed out the little bit of journaling at the bottom of the layout.

The brads I used are the mini bee brads from the Eyelet Outlet and you can purchase your own set of 12 by visiting the Eyelet Outlet online store... Here are a couple of close ups...

You have until the end of the month to join in on the Challenge over at SEM... You can win a great prize from Ormula... so click here and check it out!

Monday, July 2, 2012

SEM Challenge 18

Scrapping Everyday Miracles' Main Challenge is up for July... Here it is...

Have you ever noticed the way babies can stare at the simplest of objects for minutes on end?  Have you ever stopped to wonder why that changes as we grow older? We become less intrigued by the beauty around us and more distracted by our own agendas.  My challenge to you this month is called Created Beauty.  Scrap about the things you see around you, everyday, that remind you that God created everything.  What that means is that your photos don't have to be limited by only the things we find in nature, but could include other topics such as the birth of a new baby, or abstract feelings like the love shared between two people, all of which are created by God and point toward Him.

Scrap twist: stitch on your layout (faux, by hand, or by machine are all acceptable)

I decided that I wanted to create a layout about the Midnight Sun.  On of the amazing things that I get to experience because I live above the Arctic Circle is the Midnight Sun.  For about 6 weeks during the summer the sun does not go below the horizon... it does rotate in the sky and goes right down to the horizon but not below.  I caught this picture at midnight a couple of years ago.  We just caught the picture seconds before the clouds rolled in and completely covered the sun and island.  God is so good and I love that he didnt create all areas of the world the same.  Each has its own beauty and miracles.  It is truly and blessing to be able to experience all the beauty around us living in Northern Norway!  

I used a crocheted doily on my layout a sewed on the buttons for the Scrap Twist.  I also tried a technique that I have seen lately all over... that would be using thin strips of pattern paper almost like thread or string... I cut several strips rolled them around a pencil and then placed the under the picture.  I think I will try it again... I like how it turned out!

Have a really blessed day!  Dont forget to check out the challenge over at Scrapping Everyday Miracles... you have until July 31st to enter.  You could win a $30 Gift Certificate to Ormulu... click here to check out the challenge.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

June Sketch Challenge over at SEM

This month Sherri planned the Sketch Challenge at Scrapping Everyday Miracles.  You can find the challenge and the prize you can win by clicking here.  Here is the sketch...
Here is my take on it... instead of the squares in the background I did hexagons... but I tried to stay true to most of the rest of the sketch...

 Here is a close up of the hidden journalling I did...

You have untilJune 30th to link up your layout over at SEM so what are you waiting for!!!!!!!

Thursday, May 31, 2012

SEM Birthday Celebration Blog Hop

Hi everyone it is Nicole and welcome to my blog... I hope you are enjoying SEM's First Birthday Celebration.  There are fun things going on all weekend both on the blog and at our Scrapping Everyday Miracles Chit Chat Facebook Group.  Make sure you check out both!!!!!!

Our hop begins at SEM so make sure you start there.... Well each of the design team members were asked to create a project with the theme of celebration and here is what I made... 

We were also asked to share with you our favorite layout that we created for a SEM challenge this past year... this was not an easy task because I want to share like 6 with you!  But I finally decided on this one... because not only did I love the design but I love that it is about my Great Grandma.  I had so much fun  printing my picture on canvas (cant believe I havent done that since... oh I have just gotta do it again!!!!) and I loved that I used lace that she hand crocheted.

Our hop grand prize has been provided by two wonderful sponsors...  Paper Loves Glue and Memorable Seasons...  Our grand prize winner will win both a gift certificate for $15 to Paper Loves Glue and a $20 gift Certificate to Memorable Seasons. If that isnt enough both sponsors have provided a discount to their store that you can use any time during May!!!!!

As a special offer to all the followers and participants of Scrapping Everyday Miracles, Paper Loves Glue, is offering a special discount of 30% off the entire store. Just enter code SAVE30 upon checkout This offer is valid until June 13, 2012.

 For a limited time (until June 30th), if you shop with us and use the code MIRACLES at checkout, you can save 15% off your purchase. This offer does not apply to items in the Pre-order section since they are already 25% off. Please place separate orders for Pre-order & In-stock merchandise if you’d like items from both. 

I have a little RAK for you to... hooray!!!!   I will randomly choose one winner to win a sheet of these stickers from SRM stickers....

Now hop on over to Sherri and have a great time partying with us this weekend!!!!! The hop goes  until Sunday night, June 3rd at midnight PST.
Amanda Johnson
SEM blog

Make sure you also stop by our Facebook page for games, challenges and even more prizes.  And don't forget, Monday, June 4th will be a new challenge and another chance at a prize!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Feature a Friend Friday at Broken Treasures

So I am just tickled pink to be the first friend featured on Elizabeth's blog Broken Treasures... Every Friday for the summer she will be featuring a friend on her blog.  How exciting is that!!!

Here we go.....

I wanted to share a technique with you that I just love and that would be  are shaker boxes.... I have two different ones to show you.... 

First one is used in this layout and is super easy....
I used the packaging from a package of Basic Grey Brads.... what is important here is to add a little water on the edge that you are going to glue down to the layout.... that way you can easily rub away any paper that is still glued on their from the original packaging.

Second we will learn how to make another kind of shaker box... which I made for this layout....

First of all you need to decide what you shape and theme of your box... this works great with diecuts from a machine... but since we dont all have a diecut machine I decided that I would show how to free hand make one.  

Second you need to figure out what to use for foam... I have tried the following....
Pre-made cut foam frames that have adhesive on both sides-  Pictured on the left (you are confined to their shapes and sizes)
Foam tape cut and placed around the edge- cant use small beads or glitter because they can come out... and you do not have a smooth edge from the side
Cardboard- Works but then you see the cardboard from the side
Kid Craft Foam-  Works the best and you can get it in a ton of different colors.... I love to use white because you can color any color you would like....and white usually looks best against the images in the shaker box-Pictured on the right

Next you cut out the background... if you are using a diecut just trace the diecut onto the background paper.... or you can free draw it like  I did around the corn that I knew I wanted inside my shakerbox
Now you will want to cut it out of the background paper and trace it onto to the foam and then cut the foam out
You will need to cut out the inside area of the foam so I just drew1/4" on the inside all the ways around... it doesnt have to be perfect... you dont have to measure or anything just eyeball it.... then cut it out.  Now we have the foam and the background.  Next we want to make the clear cover... what I think is the best is to use plastic from packaging... it is thick and completely clear.  You can also use transparencies or even plastic bag packaging but once again these are not as firm as the other plastic.  You can see the packaging I used below
You can trace your shape onto the plastic using your background... if you are really good you can hold the background on the plastic and cut around it... now you should have the background, foam and clear cover.
Next you need to make the frame that goes on top... this needs to be  cut the  most precise because this what you will actually see.  You are going to take your background and flip it over and trace it onto the backside of  the paper you want to use for the  frame... we are working on the backside of the frame because we dont want any of our pencil marks to show.  The shape you just traced will not actually be your cut lines... at this point you need to draw the cut lines about 1/8" wider that the background shape.... so that in the end the frame is larger than the background, foam and clear cover. 
Cut it out... then you are going to have do like you did with the foam and cut the inner area.  Draw your cut lines  about 1/4" or slightly more from the edge  remember to continue to work on the backside so that you dont see your pencil marks... cut it out
Now we have all our parts so we need to start putting them together... first glue the foam to the background. 

 Next fill it with the things that you want inside your shaker box... this can be chipboard, beads, buttons, glitter, mica. pretty much whatever you would like.... remember not to fill it too full... if you want to put thicker things you can go go back and cut another layer of foam.  Glue the frame to the clear cover and cut away any of the clear cover that hangs out....
Glue the top and the bottom together making sure that none of the  beads, etc are in between.... You can take a marker and color around the edge if you would like it to match your frame or just leave it white...
You are done.... your finish project should look something like this.... I have seen all kinds of cute shakers... ice cream cones are really cute as well as even title for layouts... the sky is the limit!

I would love to hear what you think about shaker boxes and I definitely want to see what you create with them so feel free to stop by my blog anytime!!!!!