Monday, July 2, 2012

SEM Challenge 18

Scrapping Everyday Miracles' Main Challenge is up for July... Here it is...

Have you ever noticed the way babies can stare at the simplest of objects for minutes on end?  Have you ever stopped to wonder why that changes as we grow older? We become less intrigued by the beauty around us and more distracted by our own agendas.  My challenge to you this month is called Created Beauty.  Scrap about the things you see around you, everyday, that remind you that God created everything.  What that means is that your photos don't have to be limited by only the things we find in nature, but could include other topics such as the birth of a new baby, or abstract feelings like the love shared between two people, all of which are created by God and point toward Him.

Scrap twist: stitch on your layout (faux, by hand, or by machine are all acceptable)

I decided that I wanted to create a layout about the Midnight Sun.  On of the amazing things that I get to experience because I live above the Arctic Circle is the Midnight Sun.  For about 6 weeks during the summer the sun does not go below the horizon... it does rotate in the sky and goes right down to the horizon but not below.  I caught this picture at midnight a couple of years ago.  We just caught the picture seconds before the clouds rolled in and completely covered the sun and island.  God is so good and I love that he didnt create all areas of the world the same.  Each has its own beauty and miracles.  It is truly and blessing to be able to experience all the beauty around us living in Northern Norway!  

I used a crocheted doily on my layout a sewed on the buttons for the Scrap Twist.  I also tried a technique that I have seen lately all over... that would be using thin strips of pattern paper almost like thread or string... I cut several strips rolled them around a pencil and then placed the under the picture.  I think I will try it again... I like how it turned out!

Have a really blessed day!  Dont forget to check out the challenge over at Scrapping Everyday Miracles... you have until July 31st to enter.  You could win a $30 Gift Certificate to Ormulu... click here to check out the challenge.


  1. This layout is just stunning Nicole. So glad you were able to get it ut :D

  2. Beautiful picture and Cool page! Love all the little details and the string thing is really cool too :)

  3. That was such a beautiful shot. I also love taking a picture using scenery as my subjects.

  4. Beautiful layout... I love the story behind your awesome photo!! :) God bless & big hugs... Tracy


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