Monday, July 18, 2011

SEM Challenge #4

This is the layout that I created for Challenge #4 over at Scrapping Everyday Miracles...
Here is the challenge...
Music is amazing... you can hear a song, maybe even for the first time, and it can cause emotions to well-up... have you ever had a song that you hear and it just speaks to your heart?  Sometimes God uses music to show you His blessings and miracles in your life. Music is a powerful way God can communicate with us. God can use anything, anyone to teach you something new or remind you of something you already know. Create a project that shows how a song inspired you to see a miracle in your life…

Scrap twist: Use fabric somewhere, somehow on your project.

Great Challenge... I chose the song Where the Streets Have No Name by U2...  everytime I hear that song I am reminded about Africa... since I was about 16 I dreamed of going to Africa and doing missions. My dream came true in 2001 when I got to go to Nigeria... My trip was cut short due to the fact that I caught Malaria and ended up being very very sick in a Nigerian clinic.  My life though was changed forever and I still talk regularly, pray and support the friends I made in Nigeria.  I dream of going back with my family and of adopting a baby from Africa... God has given me heart for Africa and especially Nigeria for a reason and I believe that He will guide me and show me how He wants to use me and my family.

As we traveled through the town people wanted us to take there pictures so badly... these kids in the picture were so excited and their parents were literally pushing them into the photo... Next time I will bring a Polaroid type camera so that I can give some of the people their pictures right then.  Some of these children said that they had never seen a white person... I used colors in the layout that reminded me of Africa, ribbon from Paper Loves Glue (which is our wonderful sponsor), a fabric button from Purple Pumpkin Crafts and the bottle cap is one that I saved from my soda that I had in Nigeria.... Finally the letters were originally orange (some that American Crafts released for Halloween last year)  I wanted them brown so I first painted them brown and then drew with a white pen on some of them and lastly painted them with clear nail polish so that they would be glossy... (little secret nail polish works great to paint letters that you want another color... you can buy it cheap at the dollar store!)

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