Saturday, September 17, 2011

Christmas Sock Monkey Tags

Eyelet Outlet Step-by-Step Christmas Tags starring Christmas Sock Monkey Brads

1. Cut 3 x 3 squares in a neutral cardstock....

2. Stamp To and From on each of the squares....

3. Cut 3.5 x 3.5 inch squares from  printed double sided paper
4.  Place the To and From squares on top of the printed squares folding top 1/2 inch of the printed square over the To and From square Glue down both the To and From square and the folded portion
5. Punch a hole through the top of the tag (if you do not want to hang the tag from a present you can skip this step)

6. Attach a piece of twine, ribbon or chain to the tag....
 7. Tie a bow out of baker's twine or other type of twine

8.  Separate the prongs on the backside of the brad
9. Place the prongs of the bad through each loop on the bow
10. Push each prong through the holes of a button and bend the prongs so both the bow and the brad stay attached to the button
11. Glue the button brad embellishment to the tag...


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