Saturday, April 14, 2012

SEM Challenge #15

I am so late making my DT layout for Challenge #15 over at Scrapping Everyday Miracles but at least I got it done right... I if you would like to see the challenge in its entire here is the link otherwise here is the basic challenge.   (If you would like to join in the challenge you could win a wonderful kit from the Scrapbook Circle!!!! Just link up your layout to SEM by April 30th)

I think God has given us a sense of humor because He knew there would be days that we'd need a good laugh and He also placed people in our lives to provide that chuckle!  This month's challenge is asking you to create a project that focuses on the people in your life that brighten your day with their silly side.  More specifically, the funny things they say.  It can be something they've said once or something they say on a regular basis.  The beauty of this challenge is that you don't have to have a particular photo of the person doing something funny, all you need is a photo of the person who's made the funny comment.  The journaling will tell the story!

So let's have some fun showing how God has blessed us with the humorous things the people in our lives have said and in so doing, provides the laughter we need to brighten our days!

Scrap twist: Use baker's twine on your project.

Ever look back years later and think about a moment in your life when you didnt know it at the time  how special it was but now realize it that it was truly a time full of miracles.  God really gave me something special summer of 2001... my husband.  Everything that summer was truly a blessing!  There wasnt a day that God wasnt blessing me!  So when I saw the challenge I was reminded of that summer.  We had so many funny sayings that still 12 years later when we say them make us laugh.  I really wanted to capture as many as I remembered in a layout.  All of the sayings were said that summer and were either said by us or our friends. 

I was really excited to stamp all the sayings on the black background but I didnt want any part of the sayings to be covered but at the same time I wanted it took look like the picture and embellishments were on top of the stamped area.  So what I did was design the layered picture area glued it together but didnt glue it to the black background then I traced around it with a pencil and lifted it off.  I then went to town stamping right up to the edge of the pencil lines... when I was done stamping I then finally glued the already completed layered picture down where I had previously had it.  Another really fun part of the layout is the paper bow.... I just love it!

Dont forget you can join in on the challenge... and get a chance to win a kit from the Scrapbook Circle...  just head over to the Challenge by clicking here!!!!

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  1. That's an awsome layout! I love that stamping! So cool!

    You were wondering about my big color splash on my layout. I used Distress stains and just smacked the top hard to the paper and voilá there you have it. =)




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