Sunday, March 18, 2012

Got a couple more to share!

So I have three  more layouts that I would like to share....
The first one is Papa's Hands... I used the lyrics from Daddy's hands but since my daughter calls my husband Pappa I thought it would be better to just change that so that it fit our family better...

Here is the second one and it is one of my favorites because I used masks and homemade mists to make the background.  I love doing things like that so I have to do it more often!!!!! The picture was taken in Italy this past summer as my daughter stared out over the Mediterranean Sea.

This layout was created for the Eyelet Outlet... I never got a chance to share it here on my blog.  I love the story about this layout.  My husband went hiking up a mountain with my daughter.  Half way up she wanted to stop so he promised her that there was a rock at the top that had oranges on it... She was so excited she practically ran up the mountain.  At the top she found orange rock and got her orange.  I on the layout I included a vintage orange pin that was my mother's when she was younger.


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