Sunday, March 24, 2013

Eyelet Outlet Easter Project

 It is Spring and almost time for Easter.  I am so excited!  Even though we still have 2 feet of snow outside I am still in the spring spirit!  I created for you one of my favorite Easter projects yet.  Here in Norway they give paper mache eggs to the kids instead of Easter baskets.  Many of the crafty ladies here decorate their eggs and make them extra special.  Even though I felt like I didnt know where to start I decided to give it ago... Here is my final result...

 For the card and the egg I used Webster Pages patterned paper and fussy cut out flowers.  On the card I used a piece of Pink Paislee pattern paper.  The seam binding I used to tie the bow is from Paper Loves Glue and the flowers are from Prima and various other companies.  The stamp sentiment is from Unity Stamps.  Lace, ribbon and russian veiling are from my personal stash.

The products you can find in the Eyelet Outlet store are the pearl strips of bling and the dragonfly brads.  . There are several different color choices available for the dragon fly brads  and used brads from both dragonfly brads bright and dragonfly brads pastel  I used them on both the card and on the egg; I simply just poked them into the bouquet of flowers.  I know that they might be hard to see in the pictures above so I have a few close up pictures.

THE CARD-  There is a purple and blue dragonfly on the big blue flower and then of course the two on the creme background.

THE EGG- Below are pictures of all four sides of the egg and then a close closeup of one of the dragon flies.  There are 5 dragon flies total on the egg.  Picture one there is a yellow and pink one on the peach flower right in the front,  a lavendar and blue one on the green curly wire in the upper right hand corner and a blue and yellow on another green curly wire in the left hand upper corner.

Picture 2 has a yellow and blue one on the purple and white flower and a lavendar and blue on right above it over the white flower.

Picture 3 is of the back side of the egg.  Once again you can see the yellow and blue one over the purple and  white flower and then another one that is yellow and pink over the blue flower under the veil towards the right of the picture.

Picture 4 is a very upclose picture which you can plainly see a yellow and pink dragonfly.

Happy Easter!


  1. I just love both these projects! They are so lovely Nicole. =)

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  3. Hi Nicole.
    your Easter-projects were just beautiful!!! Love the color of your egg and all the flowers!
    Thanks for joining Papirdesigns bloghop, and thanks for all your lovely comments.


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