Monday, March 4, 2013

SEM Challenge #26

I want to share my layout with you that I created for Challenge #26 over at SEM... Here short version of the challenge:

Create a project about a gift you received that really touched your heart or a sacrificial gift you gave. Perhaps you could even make a gift to give (specifically for this challenge). wouldn't have to be a physical gift, do you have photos of when you donated your time to help out?
The scrap twist is to include some gems on your project.

Make sure you stop by the blog and check out the whole challenge... it is fun one!

Before I even show you my layout I have to say that I had a horribly hard time taking pictures of it.  I took over a hundred pictures over two days and edited about a dozen of them.  No matter what I did I could not stop it from glowing... It looks florescent but honestly it is not.  I wonder if it is the monitor on my computer because it doesnt appear this way on my phone... but then i know the color on my phone is off and appears better than what it is.   Oh well...

I really want to share with you the story about this my daughter buying me this necklace.  She really has such a kind giving heart!  We were at the mall heading towards Subway to buy some sandwiches.  As we passed by the store B-Young one of the mannequins in the window was wearing an owl necklace and I said out loud to no one in particular that I would love that necklace for my birthday.  Karianne my little girl who was just days away from being 4 years old heard me and she thought I will get that for my mom.  So she said to my husband, "Pappa can we please shop that necklace for Mommy."  He said, "What necklace... No not right now we are going to get something to eat.Maybe another day" While i ordered they found a place to sit.  When I finished ordering I took the change I received back and set it on the table.  I went to get drinks and my husband went to pick up sandwiches.  When we got back to the table Karianne wasnt there and realized she had run off... which of course is not allowed. All of the sudden we see her coming out of the store with sales lady from the dress shop that had the necklace.  She had taken the money off of the table and gone into the shop to buy the necklace.  The sales lady later told us that she had come in walked straight to the counter and said I must buy the owl necklace for my mom for her birthday and then gave her the money.  The lady told her that she didnt have enough money but would walk her out to her parents so she could get more.  My husband went up to meet her outside the shop and Karianne said sorry for running away but she really wanted to buy that necklace and she tried to ask.  He went with her back into the store and paid for the rest of the necklace.  Karianne then says to my husband "Okay now you can go and eat... I will wait here while the lady wraps it pretty for Mommy."  The sale lady says that is fine I will walk her out when we are finished.  I am eating when my husband comes back to the table and tells me what happened.  A few minutes later Karianne comes running out of the store with a present and the biggest smile on her face.  She is so proud and says it is for you but you cant know what it is!  When she gets home she hides the present in her room until my birthday.  A few days later when I get my birthday gifts... she wants her present to be the first opened. I smile as I open the present knowing what a giving kind child God has blessed me with.  She smiles huge as I take it out of the box... She asks "Are you surprised?  It is the necklace that you wanted... I heard you and bought it all by myself!"

I love giving because it is a chance for God to use you to bless someone else to be part of a little miracle in their life.  It doesnt matter who or how you give... it is just so important to have a giving heart and be ready to serve.  You never know when the opportunity will show up!


  1. Nic, this is so sweet! What a loving and generous little girl!

  2. What a stunning layout! You have such a lovely, fresh style! :)

  3. I really love this layout Nicole, bright colors and all, looks amazing!

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  5. Oh my goodness, that is the sweetest thing I've ever heard! <3


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