Monday, April 11, 2011

My submission for Cookin Up Creations Challenge # 3

Here is mine and unfortunately it has been horribly stormy weather here for the last few days... I have taken pictures every day by opening the backdoor and trying to take the picture... This is the best I could do but of course the colors are bit muted because of the lack of sun... I so badly wanted to get a good picture.... :eek: My favorite part is the handmade balloon it was so much fun to sew and make!!!!
Here were our ingredients that we had to use

crown= fabric brad next to word sticker
birthday photos=Karianne's 2nd Birthday
metal= the soda top and the hat pins
dotted paper= The paper under the picture has dots on it
yarn= tied around the hat pin
antique look- dyed tags, vintage bingo piece, doily and lots of lots of inking
stamp a background= used bubble wrap to stamp paint on behind the photos
bonus= sticker- brilliant oval

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