Thursday, May 5, 2011

May's Trade it Thursday

As promised I said that after my giveaway I would post a new Trade it Thursdays Swap...   If you never seen my swaps before basically I will picture what I have up for trade below and if you would like it just pull some things together and offer to trade... pretty easy... So let's see what I have...
Prima Trade

What do you get:
20 pieces of Prima pattern papers
3 Packages of Prima Canvas embroidered Tabs
1 Package of Prima Canvas Embroidered Tags
2 Packages of Prima Summer Singles Flowers (packages are opened)
1 package Prima Eline Flowers
1 set of Prima Clear Stamps
Small Assortment of Prima Paper flowers
10 Tim Holtz tickets

So do you want this? 
Basically just leave a comment with a description of your trade and link to a picture if that is possible.  The trades run from the first Thursday of the month to the last Thursday of the month. This trade will ship from Norway and you can choose to either ship to my Norway or California address.  Sometimes the shipping is only a 2 or 3 dollars more to ship it to me here in Norway and I really hate having to wait until I get back to Cali to get my package.   If you need more details you can check the link in my sidebar.  Any questions email me or leave a comment...
You can offer anything you would like for the trade!!!! Yes anything!  If you are wondering about some things that I would like... I am really into vintage embellishments, charms, dictionary or music pages, game pieces, labels....  I would love some flowers too... handmade flowers or Prima or basically any flowers are great!  Homemade embellishment are the best!  

Do you want to trade but this isnt your cup of tea... let me know what you are looking for (and what you have to trade)... I have a huge box of stuff set aside for Trade it Thursday... I can try to pull a trade together that you would like.... 

Don't forget if you are sporting my Trade It Thursday button you get a little something extra

This trade will ship from Norway and will end May 26th at 11:59pm PDT

everybody worldwide is welcomed!

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  1. How much do you think it is to ship to the US from Norway? Are these new papers or older? Do you prefer the trade to be all of the same company? What kind of things do you personally like or would like to get in return for the trade? Like are you looking for a certain company that you may not be able to get in Norway. I'm just curious. This looks like fun and if you want you can email me at We can discuss my questions there if you prefer. Hope to here from you. Cindy


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