Monday, April 18, 2011

Cookin Up Creations Challenge 5

Hi everyone... I hope you have all joined the giveaway... you have until the end of the month to enter... just click on the picture on the sidebar under the verse of the day...

Here is my submission for the 5th Challenge for Cookin Up Creations Crop Chef competition...this challenge kicked my butt a little.... I dont know why... I think I wanted to go crazy and do something fun with metal mesh (which if you havent worked with it... it is a pain) and just couldnt wrap my head around it. Actually this is the second layout for this challenge... the first one I decided to just use for the blue plate special at Cookin Up Creations... I will post that one second....

Here is what we had to use...clear tile or button- I have two clear buttons... one on the envelope next to the bird and the other next to the chalk
rub ons- Artist (title)
ink or digital stamped image- The bird is stamped and then colored in
scalloped edge- White with black polka dot

mesh - ruffle under the scallop border....You cant tell in the pic but I actually painted the mesh pink... no matter how I photographed it... no luck with getting the color to come out....

stamp a date-stamped on the envelope
paint a border- I painted the white cardstock with black paint and then had my daughter draw with the chalk

Here is the other layout....


  1. Wow1 your layouts are just stunning! Thanks for leaving me a link, I look forward to regularly following you!

  2. I'm back :) I have linked both of these up on Practical Scrappers today!


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